Time to Pack Your Home?

Hire packing services in Augusta & Brunswick, Maine

As you probably already know, moving requires a lot of work. Fortunately, D & J Movers would love to help you. We can pack your entire home. We’ll bring all the needed packing materials and put your belongings in boxes. You’ll be amazed at how easy a move can be! Call us at 207-623-5357 to work with some of the best residential movers in Augusta, Maine.

3 reasons to hire us for your packing

3 reasons to hire us for your packing

1. We’re a fast solution. D & J Movers will work quickly to pack your entire house. We’re extremely efficient.

2. We save you time. Are you busy with work? Are there other aspects of your move that require your attention? Hiring us will save you lots of time.

3. We’ll do the job right. We’ll do far more than just place your items in boxes. We’ll wrap, pack and tape correctly. You’ll be very pleased with the results.

Contact D & J Movers today for your relocation. We service Augusta, Brunswick, and surrounding Maine areas.